Periodontal “Gum” Disease in Long Beach

Periodontal “Gum” Disease in Long Beach

Do you want healthy teeth and gums for years to come?

Traditional teeth cleanings, deep cleanings and gum surgery don’t always work. Gum surgery is not always the answer. Let us show you our Pain-Free, Non-surgical and Non-invasive approach to Periodontal Disease with Individualized Treatment Regimens that include Bacteria-Specific Oral Medications, Personalized Skill Learning, Neutraceutical Supplementation and Laser Treatment.

Dr. McBride can keep you smiling with gum disease prevention! Why do so many patients choose Dr. McBride?

Thorough, Thoughtful Treatment

Because Dr. McBride knows that periodontal problems can be linked to other health complications, he meticulously evaluates his patients and develops individualized dental treatment plans. He and his team will assess your overall health as well as the health of your teeth and gums. By monitoring the levels of inflammation in your body and screening for pre-diabetic symptoms, Dr. McBride and his highly trained hygienist, Timbrey, provide thorough, holistic treatment.

Long-Term Commitment

Preventing and fighting periodontal disease takes continual committed effort—Dr. McBride and his team will work with you to keep your teeth and gums healthy for years to come. He will answer your questions openly. He’ll help you become a partner in your own dental health, so that you can effectively maintain your smile for the long-term.

Accommodating/Service Oriented

Dr. McBride and his team are dedicated to providing thoughtful, thorough and personalized dental services. If you’re concerned about having dental treatment done, his team will put you at ease and work with you so that your dream smile can become a reality. Comfortable blankets, soothing music, and personal attention will help you relax as Dr. McBride rejuvenates your smile.

If you’re in Long Beach or surrounding areas, please call our office at 562-421-3747 to get more information about Periodontal “Gum” Disease in Long Beach.