Invisible Braces in Long Beach

 Invisible Braces in Long Beach

You don’t have to live with crooked and crowded teeth for one more day.

Invisible Braces can quickly and comfortably straighten your teeth (without turning you into a metal mouth)!

Flexible Treatment for Your Convenience

Are you on a timeline for a wedding, reunion, or other big event? Do you want to transform your smile quickly? Dr. Iman and his team will put you first and work with your schedule and availability. Once you begin treatment you’ll receive a set of customized aligners and from there all you have to do is come into the office periodically for a quick check-up to receive your new aligners—it’s that easy.

Transform Your Smile, Secretly!

With Dr. Iman you can straighten your smile without sticking out. Clear aligners will help you get the smile of your dreams without disrupting your life—the aligners are so clear and unobtrusive that no one even needs to know that you’re using Invisible Braces! These discreet aligners move your teeth quickly—fixing crowded and crooked teeth—without clunky, metal braces.

Keep Your Smile Sparkling Clean

Invisible Braces aligners can give you a stunning smile while keeping your teeth clean during treatment. Invisible Braces trays are completely removable. You’ll be able to remove your aligners to floss and brush normally, keeping your gums and teeth healthy. And you won’t have to worry about getting embarrassing food or debris stuck in metal brackets.