Dentures in Long Beach

Dentures in Long Beach

Are your problematic, ill-fitting dentures causing you pain and anxiety?

Do you find yourself trying to hide your smile?

Dr. Iman can give you your beautiful smile back with custom-fit dentures! Why do so many patients choose Dr. Iman?

Specialized Knowledge

Dr. Iman has over 30 years of experience helping patients get attractive, healthy smiles along with proper function. He has been trained by, and taught with leaders in the field of removable prosthodontics (full denture care) to be able to craft personalized, custom dentures. Dr. Iman and his team will work together to answer all of your questions and create attractive and functional dentures that fit well and enhance your life.

Personal Care

Dr. Iman and his team provide thoughtful, personalized care for their patients. They know that every patient is unique and they will work hard to understand you, and develop the smile of your dreams. He will create comfortable, custom dentures that fit your individual needs—he even references old pictures of your teeth to make sure you get a smile that’s uniquely yours.

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Real Results

Poor fitting dentures can make it difficult to do even the simplest things—eating, drinking, and speaking can be more difficult with ill-fitting dentures. Dr. Iman can transform your smile with beautiful, functional dentures. Custom-fit dentures are created that make you feel better and look younger. You’ll be eating your favorite foods in no time with ease! He realizes that each denture patient poses unique problems that require unique solutions. He will take the time to follow through with his treatment until your goals are met.