Meet the Team at Holistic Dental Wellness Center

Meet Our Team

Leanne Sabo

I am enjoying my position as the Administrator for the practice. My job is to introduce the Dental Wellness Center to the community. It was easy to promote my father, Dr. Robert McBride, as he was extremely dedicated to his clients and believed that education is the key to offering total wellness. He finally retired at the young age of 88. He loved his work. One of his quotes is: “When your purpose becomes defined, your work becomes a recreational activity.”

Moving forward, I am thrilled that we found Dr. Iman Abdeshahian to continue my dad’s legacy. He is passionate about our mission at the Dental Wellness Center and is excited to lead with the holistic approach to dentistry. We hold a professional and caring atmosphere. I am very proud to be part of this amazing team!

I graduated from Cal State University of Long Beach with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Throughout my years I have had a clothing, jewelry, health and wine business along with a non-profit. I had worked with Dr. McBride for 25 years and truly appreciate just how special this office is. I continue to support Dr. Iman and our wonderful patients with gratitude.

I am proud to have two grown amazing sons, Derek and Sean and his wife Sydney and my grandson Hudson. My favorite things to do is spending time with my family and friends, sunshine, live music, jogging on the beach, travel and the outdoors.

Come join our Dental Wellness Family, you won’t be disappointed!!

Meet Our Team

Rachel Braak
Dental Assistant & Treatment Coordinator

Hi my name is Rachel. I am the Treatment Coordinator and a Dental Assistant here at the Dental Wellness Center. It is a privilege to be part of such a wonderful practice for over 10 years now. What I love most here at the Dental Wellness Center is it’s not just about “fixing teeth” but about discovering the root causes and building a relationship with each patient. Our goal is to provide every patient with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth for life.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy going to the beach and spending time outdoors.

Meet Our Team

Yesenia Zendeja

“My name is Yesenia Zendejas and I am a Registered Dental Hygienist with over 18 years of experience. I believe in gentle and interactive approach to dental care.

I graduated from Cypress College, California with a degree in Dental Hygiene in 2005. I have been fortunate to be part of two wonderful dental teams over the years. Presently, I work part time by alternating offices in Huntington Beach and the Dental Wellness Center. I started as a Temp about when Dr. McBride was still operating the business. I discovered a whole new approach to treating patients and realized there are more holistic ways to improve a patient’s health. I was so used to only treating symptoms. Here at the Dental Wellness Center, I was introduced to the idea of a more comprehensive approach to oral care in which the mouth is intrinsically linked to the health of the rest of the body. As I continue to learn, I also spread the word to the people I know and I care for such as my family and friends. I started oil pulling, drinking more water, and practicing mindfulness when I brush and floss my teeth. In addition, I am gradually changing popular brands of dentifrices for more natural plant based ones that are non-abrasive or contain Xylitol. I have always encouraged my patients to get a resin based composite or porcelain restoration instead of fillings that contain Mercury. As I continue to learn this new alternative dentistry system, I also enjoy getting to know my patients more as well as helping them achieve optimal oral health.
Working at the Holistic Dental Wellness Center is a totally new perspective to how dentistry is practiced.

There are several experiences that have impacted my life as a Dental Hygienist over the years. I was part of a mission trip to Central America in 2009. I joined dental students and instructors from Loma Linda and traveled to Nicaragua to provide dental care for the less fortunate. I did many cleanings on children and adults, and also participated in a community outreach. We educated the community about dental hygiene and prevention of pathologies in the mouth. The magnitude a trip like this can have on someone’s life is immense. People that are less fortunate and don’t have the means nor access to take their children to see a dentist express their gratitude in so many ways. The kids also made me feel special with their “thank you” notes. Each person I encountered stayed in my heart.
In 2010, I was part of the largest contingent of professionals ever from the US ( Rotarians from North of CA and Volunteers like me) going on a mission trip to Ensenada Mexico. The experience was amazing as well. I came to the realization that there is so much we can give back to the community.

Personally I am married and have a twelve year old son. I also have two parakeets “Coco” and “Vanilla” who get so excited when I come home from work.
I enjoy little things like my coffee in the morning as well as big things like traveling around the world.
I also enjoy baking pastries when I have time, as it helps me create an outlet of expression where there is no pressure. Most of my weekends are spent on the fields watching my husband coach soccer and most importantly watching my boy play soccer.

Meet Our Team

Julie Marshall

Hi! My name is Julie and I have been a Registered Dental Assistant for twenty years.

In my search to join a new team, I got very discouraged to find that most dentists are mainly about quantity not quality. They do not strive to build trust in their relationship with each patient. It is very different at the Dental Wellness Center.

Dr. McBride and Dr. Iman are all about quality dentistry and they build trust with their patients. The team’s goal is to educate patients about their oral conditions.

I have truly been blessed to find the Dental Wellness Center. I have been with the office for seven years now.

Meet Our Team

Salena Tellez
Registered Dental Hygienist

Hi! My name is Salena Tellez, Registered Dental Hygienist at the Dental Wellness Center. I received my bachelor of science degree in Health Science at California State University Long Beach in 2017. Shortly after, I began working at the Long Beach Health Department as a health educator for their nutrition program.

I have 2.5 years of experience in dental hygiene and received my degree from Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA. My passion for oral health and learning has inspired me to continue my education in hopes of becoming a future dental hygiene professor. I have been passionate about oral health since I was a young girl. My positive experiences in the dental chair from such a young age have inspired me to give that same comfort level to individuals of all ages. My commitment as a dental hygienist is to always learn, listen, and be responsive to the beliefs and values of my patients. Each individual is unique and I believe this to be true regarding our own health journeys. I am honored to be part of a dental practice that shares the same values of patient education and oral-systemic connection.

I am a Long Beach native, born and raised. Outside of work I enjoy being out in nature, discovering new walking trails, and roller skating. I love weekend getaways with my mother and golden retriever Dolly, and painting with my niece Izabella, who is the light of my life

Thank you for allowing me to be your dental hygienist and I look forward to seeing you in the dental chair!

Meet Our Team


Ludo was born in Alpine, Utah before making the trip to his furever home in sunny Southern California. He obtained his obedience certificate from the University of Zoom Room in Huntington Beach, CA. His passions include making people smile, providing comfort to patients and keeping his dad company at work. As a dental associate, Ludo knows the importance of taking care of your oral health and encourages having a daily dental treat. Ludo’s favorite tooth is his canine. When he’s not at the office, you can find Ludo looking for food, swimming at the beach and playing with his dog friends at the park.